I have been thinking for a long time to record something totally operatic, the idea was to begin this cycle just by recording Tosca; a work by Puccini which certainly does not need any introduction, surely one of the operas most frequently performed in the world.


This site is, of course, dedicated to all professionals who wish to take advantage of a high level Product just to study the Opera The DVD will, naturally, help you to learn the whole opera and in particular I would like to say that it has been recorded with a prestigious orchestra and a large choir and it is therefore highly professional.


Y ou can rely on subtitles and my task will be right to prompt and direct you obviously in Italian, as the opera must be performed in the original language and the voice of the prompter is very useful for the people who do not know Italian well, or for those who do not know it at all.


Of course I will be very happy to give you, on the web, practical advice and technical guidance on how to phrase, on the pronunciation and to help you get into the character  (M° Marcello Rota).


My best compliments and congratulations to the Maestro and above all friend Marcello Rota for this wonderful recording of Tosca and especially for the idea of recording an instrumental version of this Opera which will enable a lot of singers to practice in one of the titles most known and loved by everyone and it is something that I hope will be followed by other operas  we singers we need this, thanks Marcello! (M° Andrea Bocelli).

Thanks Andrea, thanks to you! I wish you all good luck,  and hope to see you for the next Opera.

THE PORTABLE OPERA HOUSE, complete performance tools for an operatic staging – Giacomo Puccini’s ‘TOSCA’, with full orchestra and chorus – Voices to be supplied by you.

The Portable Opera House is proud to offer Puccini’s beloved ‘TOSCA’ as the first in our series of great operatic works. Our product is designed to provide you with the basis for a fully staged operatic performance, without the cost of hiring an orchestra, chorus, and conductor.  We offer audio tracks of the complete work, and visual tracks featuring eminent opera conductor Marcello Rota.

Our high quality, original audio recording is calibrated for full amplification with minimal distortion, even in a large hall. Our visual image is designed for a monitor screen to be positioned in front of your performance space, facilitating synchronization of live operatic performance.

You, or the artists in your production, can follow Maestro Rota’s gestures on the monitor screen. The complete opera, or any scenes that you choose, can be performed with full orchestral and choral accompaniment, but without the high cost!


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